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Why? Because it's my 'WHY'

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

It’s not rocket science - we each already have the answer(s) we only need to dial in, listen to ourselves, fire up our imagination and create - but somewhere along the way we have lost our way.

No this isn't some "woo woo" new age bs, its where original thought, ideas and solutions come from. You know, those moments when lightning strikes and you have the best idea, solution or answer? Or when your 'gut' tells you you are about to do something 'wrong' - that inner voice? You believing in You is my 'why'. That's why I love startups, thats why I love tech, and thats why I will always answer the phone and do my best to help you believe in yourself, connect to your truth, and remember who you are.

This is why I am obsessed with learning new things and commit time to studying history, psychology and generational cycles . Not because I want knowledge but rather I want to understand what drove a person to create the company, write the book, discover new scientific breakthroughs...etc

I believe risk takers, rule breakers and the ones who believe in themselves change the world.

We are taught that you are either smart or dumb. That IQ is king. I don't believe it. I believe we have created structures and institutions to assure there are smart and dumb people, rather than help individuals discover what [only] they have to offer the world. The idea of assigning grades for having the 'right' answer trains us to fall in line and approach everything we do from a pass/fail reality. Do I believe education is important? Yes. Do I believe we need structure and "classes"? I do, but only when it comes from a place of freewill and invites us to be a part of something bigger rather than a slave to a system or being placed in a box. How is it that some of the most incredible breakthroughs and minds come from people who have an untraditional upbringing or never "graduated"? This is what America was founded on. This is also one of the oldest philosophical and spiritual debates that most "normal" people have no clue is the foundation of their everyday life.

History is happening now and most people are stuck in a normalcy bias or a hypnotic state: hoping, trusting, looking to the system, the scientist, the politician, the person with the answer.... Anyone but ourselves. I don't want to tell my Grandkids that I sat quite while our right to speak and think freely were traded for "safety" and "security" because we couldn't be trusted to keep ourselves safe and secure. This very thought is why we started this country and although this reality is available to anyone, anywhere, we as a country currently lead the free world.

Currently, my mind is blown every day. I have to pinch myself to believe the daily happenings and it's only getting crazier. But then I realize "holy shit, this is my 'why' hitting critical mass." To help people connect to themselves, use their imagination and create. To remember who you are. To trust and believe in yourself to do that one idea or dream you had but never did because <enter excuse here>.

This is my idea and my dream - that every human [no matter sex, race, color, or creed] remembers who they are and that we are in this together flying through the universe on a thing called earth. We already hit the lottery folks. We made the show. We are alive! Im not here to give answers... The point is only YOU have the answer for you and the choice to collectively celebrate each persons ability to think and believe what they want or shit on them with answers you got from clickbait companies that depend on keeping your attention. Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the light. Was he telling us to be Him or was he an example of who and how we can be? Free. When He said do as I do, what does that really mean? Literally be like him, or is He a model of someone detached from the system He threatened and was killed over? ***Disclaimer, I am not a Christian. A Christian is a label someone gave at a point in history***

Do the thing, be you!

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