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Traditionally writing your BIO is one of the few opportunities in life where it is acceptable to talk in third person about how awesome you are, which no doubt carries weight, but can also be awkward for someone like myself.  


Rather than write about how great 'Joel Glenny' is, I would like to share some of the things that have shaped my work and 'why' I do what I do. 


  • I believe the world is changed by rule breakers, failing forward, risk takers and those whom practice servant leadership.​

  • My worldview and business dealings have been shaped by my unconventional upbringing. The parts that have most defined my professional work are derived from being homeschooled, a pastor's kid, team sports, sailing around the world and curiously learning from whomever is in front of me.

  • Outlearning and executing the competition wins. 

  • Team > Great ideas

  • Everything in life and business is a different expression of the same pattern. 


I started a business of college and have worked for corporate/publicly traded companies, as well as bootstrapped and venture backed technology startups, that have taught me to adapt in roles that range from being an errand boy to building out sales and partnership teams which has prepared me to be the co-founder of Zumbly - An early stage (1.3MM in seed funding) data-driven real estate company with algorithms and machine learning that dynamically matches home buyers and investors with the most financially sound properties to purchase. 

In my free time I enjoy getting outdoors, sailing, skiing, mountain biking and exploring ideas.


Many thanks for reading about me!

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