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Trojan Horse Politics - The Greatest Show on Earth?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Last night I was watching The Circus on Showtime and for the first time paid attention to Mayor Pete.

When he was interviewed and had to answer off-the-cuff questions, I was taken back by how perfectly authentic he was. His speaking patters were clear linguistic programming, that everyday people don't understand let alone use. Being curious, I had to do a little research to learn this guys story and find out where he came from.

I was shocked!

I don’t personally know him so I cant (nor do I want to) say I’m 100% right about him or have things figured out. That’s not fair and although I have no problem standing against someone that has ill motives or morals, I don’t believe it’s right to decide who someone is without personally knowing them. But, I have zero problem exploring different possibilities - especially when it comes to someone running for president.

I have weird perspectives on things because I grew up in a unique environment where I saw many different shades of the human experience globally and have learned how to recognize patterns and see passed smoke and mirrors on different levels. But I’m not saying I’m always right. I don’t seek to being “right” I explore ideas or possibilities without emotionally attaching to them. Free thinking rather than trained thinking. History shows and warns us about wolves in sheeps clothing and to be cautious of those seeking power. The true greats all teach the same thing - detach, go within, trust yourself.... etc That’s why Jesus encouraged focusing on yourself but also said you will know them by their fruit. Which is interesting because religion has aided the media in getting us to focus on everything but ourselves.

Back to Mayor Pete.

This guy is perfect everything. Read his wiki. His speech patterns are perfect and appeal to almost everyone. He has won every perfect award, went to Harvard and was in the Navy... like I said - everything is perfect.


He’s a first generation American and his dad just so happens (by coincidence) to be a super Marxist that celebrates the Marxist manifesto, writes on the subject and is a Professor.

Let me ask you this. Do you think it could be possible that the Marxists/Socialists/Communists/Globalists have a model that infiltrates countries specifically through education and the arts, slowly taking over from within by selling a better world all while leaching off them until they collapse - history truly repeating itself? Have we tried to do this to other countries? I see this happen in tech companies all the time... Investors invest more money, they get more seats on the board, they can control the future of the company. Not saying it’s a bad thing, it makes the company fail or that they try or want to take over the vision.. etc - it’s just a reality. Why couldn’t that happen on a more global scale?

If this is possible do you think it could be possible for the highest seat of our country to be taken over? Do you think it has ever been done before? This is what our founders and great presidents warned about, but now we label people crazy tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist if they even ask the question. Yet it happens every day in all areas of life - but not government. Right? Because thats a conspiracy.


Im not saying it is, isn't, has, or will happen, I don’t need to attach to an answer or belief, but these possibilities/hypothesis are very interesting to explore.

Fact - We are constantly being divided and pressured to pick a tribe/side and always looking for some “leader/idol” or chief to follow. Interestingly though - we don’t see it as much in our day-to-day physical interactions. However, now that I live in LA, I see it sometimes.... every once in awhile someone will want to know my political stance before they will talk to me (if thats not discriminatory I don't know what is). I tell them "I am a Joel." All in all this is pretty rare though and the ones who exercise this behavior are the same spoiled, loud kids that always needed attention because really they just needed connection and struggle to believe in and trust themselves. I have a lot of empathy for these people and I typically try my best to connect and share love with them. For the most part anytime I go out of my way to connect with or meet someone, no matter race, color or creed, they are always cool - it’s like we enjoy and want connection so much that the majority of us tip toe around subjects to keep the peace. Not saying this is a bad thing, it just shouldn’t have to be this way. But from behind our devices - oh wow, you really see people let it fly. It's dangerous, divisive and too easy because we don’t have to face the majority of the people we are interacting with and our physical friends and family accept us even when they disagree with us. It’s ironic that if we disagree with someone we don’t know we view them as enemy numero uno, yet the most loving relationships we have disagree with us all the time. Even crazier, we now have people that build fake relationships and act like they agree when really they don’t but will never speak up out of fear of backlash - Legit echo chambers.

Wether this is by design or a conspiracy doesn’t matter to me. Choosing one as fact (to me) is a distraction and can cause people to get triggered into identity issues and being right - basically perpetuate and do what they claim to be against. It’s kinda a mind fuck but people fall for it all the time - especially conservatives/the right.

What I care about, and my mission is that everyone believes in themselves and takes time to dial in with their spirit/inner voice and challenge why/how you can be so angry, against or dislike fellow humans and Americans because of their political views, religion, differences or race.

America is about competition, being better inside/outside and behind closed doors, it’s about freedom of thoughts, ideas and speech. A place where debate is welcomed because it challenges us to be better and learn to see others views, ideas and perspectives. A place where the second amendment was created for us to have the right to provide and protect ourselves so we don’t have to depend on others (the government) to help us, feed us, or save us. America is about community and helping our neighbors - it’s about connection and comradery. And America is a place where we own and accept what we do wrong, make it right and keep growing and moving forward. A place where our past mistakes don’t define our future and where second chances exist if you are willing to put in the work.

What. Has. Happened?

It’s like all the things that made us the most incredible and powerful country in the world is now taboo or wrong. Being pro American is delicate these days, you have to whisper about it in certain areas. God forbid you want to explore differing viewpoints.

Fact - More than ever we look to government to take care of us rather than take advantage of the opportunity this country gives us every day. What happened to - Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country? Our wokeness has us wanting to be the savior to the world while we democratize(America is a Republic btw) the nations but yet we can’t even take care of our homeless. We sit behind our devices posting about how a president should do this and that and fix all these things when we don’t even know our neighbors.

It's us that is responsible for the negative in our country.

You and me.

We are so distracted by pinning blame on someone or something, but it’s us.

It’s us that doesn’t spend the time with our kids, it’s you and I that have broken homes (I have one it sucks and is unnatural) and relationships. It’s us. We blame it on 'all the things', the schools, the government, the whatever. Meanwhile we have never volunteered in our life (or can count the times on two hands) and the last time we had a two hour one-on-one discussion with our kid, was never. I read a stat that an average American kid gets five minutes of undivided eye-to-eye contact, on average, per parent each week. But it’s the guns and the governments fault right? It’s us! We can look at diet alone and see how the foods we eat can cause mental health issues, and yet we constantly feed our kids sugar and carbs because it's the path of least resistance... And then we are shocked when they have problems and struggle in life. Our good teachers fight to stay in service but we pay them so little they struggle to survive and we often lose the true leaders that seek to empower the kids they teach.

Anyways, back to Mayor Pete.

Like I said - I’m not saying this is fact about Pete or that I even believe he is a Manchurian type character that could be a front man to have control and continue the leaching that will assure we end up like Rome.... But it’s an interesting thought experiment because it really makes you not want to trust the government and instead look to yourself to change our country by spreading life and connection everywhere you go. Whatever that looks like for you. This is what we were founded on. We forget where we came from.

It's not all doom and gloom - it's opportunity. That's the beauty of our design. We are made to overcome, and it can happen in an instant, but we have to start being honest with ourselves and stop looking to be rescued.

Last little fun fact - Petes essay that got him a JFK award was about the integrity and political movement courage of then U.S. representative Bernie Sanders of Vermont, one of only two independent (socialist) politicians in Congress. Yeah, I thought they couldn't stand each other - Pete wants to be like Bernie and courageously welcome socialism out in the open in the United States of America. I wouldn’t be surprised if they team up and all of this is a show.

Don't overlook who he’s backed by. All the mega corps that maximize profits in socialist/communist countries because the government chooses the companies that provide to the people. This is what people don’t understand. Socialism looks incredible on paper but it is always overtaken and ran by corruption and used to keep control. What’s worse having one sole health provider that can turn on or off your health care, or not having health care and still getting taken care of? Competition and a free market keeps corruption out. It keeps balance. If the government controls your health, you will never challenge that government. Make sense? We are already for sure getting censored ... In America... which is pretty scary if you think about it. What if those same politics controlled health care? Does this mean we shouldn’t get health care for all Americans? Not at all. But that’s a different conversation. And if you are going to bring up "European Socialism"... please do a little more research because it doesn't work the way you think and is the exception not the rule.

Alright I’m out. Thanks for reading my thoughts. I would love to hear yours.


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